Mehul Patel

About Me

I am a Senior at the University of Central Florida, double majoring in Aerospace & Mechanical engineering.

Personal and Professional development have been the leading aspirations throughout my career thus far. I am an individual who tends to consistently challenge myself on a daily basis resulting in an innovative mindset which has fueled my powerful & undeterred work ethic. For instance, rigorous engineering coursework and vast project experiences have enabled for me to adapt an affinity for problem solving and mature within specialized environments which all aid in reaching my goals.

I am a man of integrity and take great pride in my work!



My strengths

  • Leadership 85% 85%
  • entrepreneurship 77% 77%
  • Engineering 86% 86%
  • Business Development 70% 70%
  • Project Management 75% 75%


My beginning

                My name is Mehul Patel, I am an international student from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Currently, I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in both Aerospace & Mechanical engineering at the University of Central Florida.  
When it comes to my background an innovative outlook through leadership has played an integral role in my character as it allows strides towards advancements that I want to see not only evoked in my home country, Zimbabwe but other countries as well. I truly believe that I am a minority within the engineering field, however, I view it as an opportunity for exponential growth.
                       Engineering through time has advanced and molded the world that we currently live in today. Over the ages, man has been constantly creating solutions to problems, whether it’s is crafting a knife out of stone, or to designing space ships to explore life beyond earth. The human quality of life is been dramatically and substantially improved owing to the ingenious elucidations thought out by engineers to solve a variety of complex problems. Thus since engineering is at the forefront of shaping the future and a part of a significantly large community, it has strengthened my aspirations to become an engineer.  
                 My desire to study an engineering related field stemmed from when I was a young boy in the fifth grade. My curiosity to learn “how machines and systems work” grew through watching documentaries and delving into any gadgets I could find. Furthermore, by watching a documentary called “air crash investigation” I was able to narrow my focus on aerospace & mechanical engineering. This decision was additionally concreted as I began to understand the scope of aerospace engineering projects. The projects within the field are often international and require the engineers to work as a part of a team in the development of technology that could possibly change the world. Because of this, it can be helpful to find a program that emphasizes not only academic fundamentals and engineering practices but also teamwork, communication, and professional development. Additionally, aerospace engineering has its foundation in mechanical engineering, so earning an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering can lead to a broad range of careers both in flight and on the ground. 


Honors & Awards





Attained 1st Place position in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Hovercraft Competition.


University of Central Florida


FRC 2nd Place in Elevator Pitch

NOV 2017

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineer

Mehul Patel